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Recommended Reading Lists to Gain Industry Skills and  Knowledge 

  • Design Driven Publishing: Books on design-driven publishing focus on design and creating quality products that are interesting, unique and innovative. These books teach readers how to effectively research, plan, prototype and execute a successful design-driven publishing project. 

  • Design Thinking: Books on design thinking provide readers with an extensive understanding of the design process– from a range of perspectives. These books guide designers to become better problem-solvers, and provide readers with insight into how to challenge existing conventions, create innovative solutions and bring ideas to fruition. 

  • Graphic Design: Books on graphic design are perfect for those interested in expanding their graphic design knowledge. These books help designers discover new trends, explore different aesthetics and get inspired by a range of projects. 

  • UI/UX Design: Books on UI/UX design are ideal for designers looking to become proficient in the use of design tools in order to create intuitive, user-friendly experiences. These books help readers gain a comprehensive insight into how to design intuitive interfaces, create user-focused workflows, and utilize creative strategies to optimize user experience. 

  • Layout and Editorial Design: Books on layout and editorial design focuses on creating compelling and informative graphics and texts. Readers learn to create cohesive pages and documents that successfully deliver messages. 

  • Social Media and Content Marketing: Books on social media and content marketing help readers to become more effective marketers. These books provide designers with a credible understanding of how to create content that resonates and commands attention in the digital world, helping to build strong consumer relationships. 

  • Typography: Books on typography help readers gain an appreciation for font design and typography. These books provide designers with detailed insights into typeface terminology, type analysis and formatting. 

  • Motion Design: Books on motion design shed light on the ever-evolving field of motion graphics and animation. These books teach readers a range of topics– from storytelling and motion theory, to creating engaging narratives and realistic animations.

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